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Dic 9

We have already paid the crisis let’s go on strike on Friday the 12th of December

Posted on martedì, Dicembre 9, 2008 in Comunicato sciopero 12 dicembre inglese

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Today the crisis is clear and
everybody talks about it, even politicians. We migrants have lived for years
this condition, especially those of us who worked in the construction’s sector
and now finds itself as well as irregular even unemployed.

For us it is crisis since
2002, almost since the entry into force of Bossi Fini law, that law which
divides the new Italian citizens in regular and irregular. We are the driving
force working in the Italian economy but they want us silent and submissive
when we lose the job and leave, they send the police into our house because we
are illegal but tthey didn’t left us the possibility of having a residence
permit, the Owners of home thrown us out because they are afraid of  fines. In these years in which the crisis has
eaten our lives we have witnessed hypocritical proclamations for
"our" integration into the social fabric, we reiterate that any
immigrant who lives in Italy produces wealth from day one that he sets foot in
the territory, paying double price for everything. The political exploitation
has understood a long time ago that we are the weaker social group and easier
to use, then we are classified and "integrated" as low labor cost. We
do not like this and we’re thinking that migrants should self-organize to
strike and to show everyone that a day without us will have a heavy impact in
a  territory like Emilia Romagna is.

We invite all migrants in
Reggio Emilia to strike Friday the 12th of December and express in
Bologna against:


– the Bossi Fini
law. No to block for two years of decrees flows

-the safety package
and its immediate consequences, the crime of illegal immigration, heavy
penalties for those who host or rent houses to people without permission.

– the government
proposal to a residence permit in points, and the blocking of the right to
health care for people who are illegal foreigns.- the separate classes for
students who are sons of migrants people

All legislative
measures that encourage and legitimize xenophobia and racist


We will meet to
take the train in Reggio Emilia train’s station at 8.45 a.m.